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Italian Food

Pierluigi’s Restaurant
Beckenham - BR3 1ED

Since 1994, Pierluigi’s has been serving the finest Italian cuisine from the heart of Beckenham. Born out of an Italian families love of authentic home cooking, the restaurant has evolved to offer exquisite, freshly prepared dishes inspired by traditional and modern Italy.

History of Pierluigi's

From one generation to another, Marco Pierluigi ensures continuity of the exceptional dining standards set by his father when he founded the restaurant. He also drives evolution of the restaurant by introducing modern dishes and a creative drink selection inspired by Pierluigi's heritage.

Marco abides by the principles of fine detail, be it the maintenance of his charming yet atmospheric venue and the reputable hospitality of his team, the insistence on carefully sourcing only the freshest and finest quality cooking ingredients, the delicate pastas made by hand daily on-site from rural Italian flour, or his expertly curated selection of wines, proseccos, champagnes and cocktails.

Pierluigi’s aim is to provide Italian dining at its best with an unforgettable guest experience.

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